June 22, 2014

A Teacher's Plan Book

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to plan. So what better project than to make a plan book? Especially since I can't seem to find one that has exactly what I need it to. 

First, I found a binder I liked. I also bought 8 x 11 colored cardstock, neon page hole protectors and labels, and tabs. I already had the Simple Stories Snap "Life" kit and stickers, and though I used some other embellishments, that's where most of it came from, including the month label cards.

I made dividers for each month on colored cardstock, added a labeled tab, and decorated it to suit.

The next page is a monthly calendar. I just bought a cheap desk calendar and glued each month to a piece of cardstock to make it more durable. I also added page hole protectors to every page.

Project plan pages (I just found this template online and then added labels to make it colorful and more personalized for my uses. I made the Common Core Standards planning pages myself, since I wanted to be able to plan ahead what Standards I'll try to hit each month.

I also made my own weekly planning pages to suit my own needs.

The back of the binder is where I put my department calendar (broken up by Common Core ELA Standard Sets).

I also found this nifty Common Core Checklist on Teachers Pay Teachers...

...as well as this student-friendly Common Core Checklist ("I can" statements).

It was a lot of work, and I may add a few more things to it. But at least I know it is personalized and has everything I will need. I found lots of ideas online, and there are a ton of downloadable planning pages and whole planners. There really is no need to buy one, though I probably spent more making this one that I would have if I had just made do with a store-bought one that was "good enough". But why? This gave me an excuse to do a fun project that will be useful and re-usable.

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