• Spend more time with the people who matter
  • Continue counseling
Health & Wellness:
  • Try circuit training, and to keep myself honest...chronicle my efforts here on the blog
  • Cut down on simple carbs (including alcohol)
  • Try to stick to a REAL FOOD diet
  • Get my meds figured out
  • Dave Ramsey's "baby step" #1 (save $1000)
  • Debt snowball (focus on credit debt) - get AMAZON paid off (I hate that place...they own us...along with Costco and the insurance companies and our house)
  • Buy used (everything except food and household products...my jeans - sorry, not giving up my Silver's...underwear/socks...and shoes)
  • Try individual allowances
  • Buy Financial Peace University? (we have GOT to start learning about investment and retirement...seriously)
Career & Work:
  • Ummm...yeah...it's summer vacation, folks...I got nothin' here...maybe naps? At the end of July I have a week-long workshop and in August, I'll start reading.
  • Backup all old blog writing
  • Keep up with weekly writing schedule
  • Life is a Verb Patti Digh
  • Hands-free Mama Rachel Macy Stafford
  • The Church of Dead Girls Steven Dobyns (FINISHED)
  • Unwholly Neal Shusterman
  • Slow Family Living Bernadette Noll
  • The True-Blue Scouts of Sugarman Swamp Kathi Appelt (with my son)
  • Becoming a "Wiz" at Brain-based Teaching (Marilee Sprenger)
  • 52 Things Kids Need from a Mom
  • 52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives
  • Dry Augusten Burroughs (FINISHED)
  • Running with Scissors Augusten Burroughs (FINISHED)
  • teacher and student planner (FINISHED)
  • get pictures printed for pets album
  • running album
  • Japan trip scrapbook
  • Las Vegas trip scrapbook
  • finish kit (FINISHED)
  • book project
Home & Garden:
  • finish weeding and moving plants around
  • clean carpets (FINISHED)
  • clean rugs
  • clean one room every other day (throw out as much as possible and clean all the nooks and crannies) (FINISHED)

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