April 20, 2014

Images of my life

So much is held by the eye that cannot be explained in words. If we are inclined, dedicated, and able...we try. But always, we have the disappointing knowledge that our mouths and fingers will fail to communicate the entirety of our experiences.

Our husky-mix, Kira (who just recently passed and now has a place in the garden next to Emma) and her little buddy, Mosin. This shot captured both of their personalities so well...one wistful and calmly interested, the other highly inquisitive. Pets can truly be a window to ourselves...maybe even a bit of a mirror.

Reading in our house is of paramount importance. A nightly ritual and place to go early in the morning before the world has begun to spin. Poetry, especially, holds a place dear to my heart, and to see it in the hands of a child, loved and enjoyed, is definitely smile-inducing.

Nothing says "Happy" quite like a smiling cat. I actually took several shots in an attempt to get him with his eyes open. But every time, they closed with the flash. As I flipped through the images, it struck me that this photo was perfect just the way it was. Utter contentment. A moment in which to pause and stay awhile.

This was just a few weeks before we lost her. She just seems so far away and well...ready to go. Which, in reflection, I can now see she was. Funny how we don't see things that are right in front of us when our minds are just not ready to digest the information provided.

I used my son as a subject at the park one afternoon. Several great shots came out of that day, but this one still makes me smile. That perfect satin skin, those lashes, and that innocent admiration of the simplest things. It's the only thing that takes me back to those times in my own life...watching him.

I have a weird inclination toward photos of old shoes. Not sure what the draw is, but I love this pair of my son's. Bright blue, like his eyes. And who doesn't see "art" in a pair of well-loved Converse?

A blurry action shot, for some reason this one grabbed me. Even though I didn't intend the hazy appearance, it seems fitting for the moment...high energy and fast-moving. I love watching my son play sports, especially when he's in the zone. At this point, he was without the help of a coach, when the other kid had his yelling out instructions and advice. I was having a hard time trying to photograph the match and be his coach (where the hell was he, anyway...we'll never know). That's why all the images turned out so blurry. Mom, yelling "Hold him! Keep on your feet!!! Don't let him turn you!!!" just wasn't conducive to clear, crisp photography.

Another shot from that same afternoon at the park. For some reason I like the profile shots. A little soft around the edges because of the movement of the swing, but such a sweet, happy smile.

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